About Us

We are a group of people that are dedicated to the sport of Dog Agility. The spectators loved to watch it and before long local clubs began training their dogs to go through tires, over jumps, through tunnels, over the teeter-totter....

Our club's activities include holding sanctioned agility trials under AKC, CPE, NADAC, TDAA and USDAA rules, sponsoring training events to promote dog agility and conducting agility demonstrations for the public to help promote responsible dog ownership and dog agility as a family fun sport.

Our Club members come from a diverse background, but all share the common love for dogs and enjoy Agility. As a member of GSLAC, you will enjoy meeting the other members of the club, and will learn more about Agility and dogs in general.

To become a member of the Greater St Louis Agility Club, we invite you to attend two of our club meetings, and participate in one of our events. For full information on membership requirements contact our club representative or check out our join us page!

Agility trials we will be hosting in the next few months

(Number Of Days)
LocationMore Info
GSLAC AKC Agility Trial8/16/2024 - 8/18/2024
( 3 days )
The Sports Academy - Glen Carbon, ILPending
GSLAC AKC Agility Trial9/27/2024 - 9/29/2024
( 3 days )
The Sports Academy - Glen Carbon, ILPending
GSLAC CPE Agility Trial10/19/2024 & 10/20/2024
( 2 days )
The Sports Academy - Glen Carbon, ILInfo
GSLAC TDAA Agility Trial11/2/2024 & 11/3/2024
( 2 days )
Dog Sports At Kim'sPending
GSLAC USDAA Agility Test12/28/2024 & 12/29/2024
( 2 days )
The Sports Academy - Glen Carbon, ILPending

For a list of events farther into the future check our Trials page

GSLAC Informational Brochure PDF File

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