Dog Sports at Kim's
1951 Townsley Lane
Caseyville, IL  62232

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(Dog Sports at Kim's members are welcome to participate)

All weekend practices are from 9 am - 12 pm, unless otherwise noted.

Thursday practices: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm.

Practice Schedule and Monitors will be posted on our website.

PLEASE NOTE: You must notify the Monitor the day before practice if you plan on attending. If no one notifies the Practice Monitor, practice may not be held.

Practice will begin once the equipment is set up (most of the time Kim has a course set-up for us). The more people there to help set up, the more quickly practice will begin.

People are welcome to come, practice and leave anytime.

Each practice round for a dog/handler team is limited to five minutes.

Please do not allow training on the course, we are not Trainers. They may talk training tips & suggestions while waiting their turn. No breakdown of the course is required.

Outdoor practice fields

Outdoor practice fields are available to GSLAC members at all times. There is no practice monitor or planned course. The equipment is always on the field. You are welcome to reset and tweak the course. Please be polite and work together with other GSLAC and Kim's Canine Club members that may be there. Each practice round for a dog is limited to five minutes.

Practice Etiquette... How to avoid those Practice Faux Pas

  1. Please come early to help set up.
  2. All dogs should be on lead, or in a crate, except when running.
  3. Be ready to practice when it's your jump height.
  4. Limit your practice time each round to 5 minutes.
  5. Help set jump bars when you're not running your dog.
  6. No one should be using obstacles on the course if it is not actually his/her turn to run, including during course building and walk through.
  7. Please make all Kim’s members feel welcome!

My dog told me:
"Let others know when they have invaded your territory."